History of the Lansing Church of God in Christ Church

History of the Lansing Church of God in Christ Church – Elder Richard Wilson established a COGIC at 914 Williams Street in 1924. In 1926, the church moved to a newly erected building at 1025 Birch Street. The blessing of God was upon the Church and it grew rapidly. Elder Wilson sent for a young brother living in Melvin, Arkansas, Elder Perry Robinson, to assist him. The Overseer (Bishop) at the time was Elder Kissington. Sister Dunkin was one of the first members of the church. Because of its location, the church was known as the Birch Street COGIC. In the latter part of 1929, Ionia Davis, at the age of eleven, started attending the Birch Street COGIC Sunday School, and was the first young saint in the church. Malcolm X (Little) also attended Sunday School at the church.

Through the leadership of Elder G.L. Yowell, another COGIC church was built. The saints worshipped there for approximately eight years, and as the years passed, the Birch Street COGIC went through many transitions. General Motors Corp. purchased the church in the 1950s. As a result of that purchase, the church purchased the Mayflower Church at 1100 W. St Joseph Street, where Bishop John Seth Bailey was the Overseer & Pastor. And it was he who suggested the name, Lansing Church of God In Christ.

Bishop Coles was the Sunday School Superintendent for the State of New York and Canada. Therefore, the congregation and choir had many engagements at various churches in throughout Michigan and neighboring states. One of the greatest highlights in the church history was when the Overseer/Bishop J.S. Bailey brought our Founding Father, Bishop C.H. Mason to visit.

In the 1970’s the State of Michigan purchased the Lansing COGIC property. Then the property at 5304 Wise Road was purchased and a new church was built. After a few years, illness overtook Bishop Coles. He became incapacitated and was unable to perform in a leadership role. Two young associate ministers, Elder Samuel Duncan Jr. and Elder Leroy W. Jackson, served as leaders. They shared the preaching of the gospel and held fast for seven (7) years. They diligently worked side by side in peace and harmony to hold the Church and its members together. Bishop Coles died in February of 1991. Bishop Roger L. Jones served as Pastor until June of 1992 and, at that time he appointed Elder Samuel Duncan Jr. to serve as Pastor.

Later, Bishop S.C. Coles was appointed Pastor. Under his dynamic leadership, the congregation grew and auxiliaries started to function. Many souls were saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. Young people, attending Michigan State University, were blessed during the many tent revivals held at the church. The church continued to flourish in the 1960s. We had a talented choir, an anointed organist, and Bishop Coles – a great speaker and Bible scholar. His credo was: “The spirit of God is moving in the earth, for every right desire, there is an answer. Lord, increase my faith.”

In 1993, Elder Duncan sent out a distress call to reach people, children, mothers, and fathers who were crying out for assistance; who were dying – not knowing Jesus Christ as their Savior. The Lansing COGIC launched S.O.S. ( Save One Soul), in an effort to double the church membership by reaching the lost. Under Elder Duncan’s leadership, the membership has grown, church boards, missionaries, and auxiliaries are functioning, the choir is rejuvenated, the pulpit is filled with ministers, and our weekly services have grown. In addition, the church was renovated. A new 9400 square feet addition, consisting of adminstrative offices, a conference room, a nursery, a computer lab, classrooms, a bookstore, and restrooms was completed in 1998. In a few short years, Elder Duncan, a young pastor, has demonstrated grace and maturity. His credo: “Hide me behind the cross, let no flesh be glorified that God may be exhorted in my life”.
The vision for this great house is one that encompasses services and provisions that will minister to the total man. It includes, but is not limited to, winning the lost to Christ, mentoring, spiritual enrichment, mental wellness, and physical well being, i.e., housing, clothing, food, training, education, and jobs. God has brought us to a higher level of expectancy. We’re expecting God to move in a miraculous manor; expecting greater and greater things to come. The Lansing COGIC “can do all things through Christ that strengthens us. We believe God can do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we may ask or think according to the power that worketh in us. We will not let fear make us prisoners. We have HOPE and we will be PROSPEROUS in this vision.

“Who is left among you that saw this house in its first glory? And how do ye see it now?” (Haggai 2:3)

The Lansing COGIC has weathered several storms and its image and spiritual fervency was weakened. While in prayer, it was revealed to Pastor Duncan that the Lord would do a new thing at Lansing COGIC. However, in order for this declaration to become a reality, there had to be a new way of thinking and a renewed faith believing God had not forsaken Lansing COGIC. Thus, New Faith Ministries came into existence, along with a renewed faith that God would rebuild, reestablish and restore Lansing COGIC to its days of glory. New Faith Ministries was not and is not an attempt to replace the rich heritage of the Mother Church, but instead the unfolding of a new cutting edge ministry that the Lord established to PREACH the GOSPEL with BOLDNESS.